OUR EXPERTISE             

* DOD, DHS and IC Cleared Professionals

Strategy and Experience are Key

Serving clients from around the United States, our firm has more than 80 years' combined executive-level experience sourcing, procuring, managing and selling unique technologies and services.  We work diligently and thoroughly presenting cases in the best manner possible, bringing exceptional returns and results.

Our approach is a bit different than other companies as we use the full resources of our firm and not simply assign things to one development manager.


Our Team is skilled at business development and planning; pulling from their experiences as business owners, executives from government SES and non profit organizations and elite military services.  Our relationships allow us to effectively communicate with our trusted network of government and business executives and work with clients to build the best approach to Marketing, BD, CRM and sales.


We are very comfortable and eager to help clients achieve far reaching goals.  We believe that teamwork is essential to success and that true leadership incorporates and values everyones' input.  We help our clients manage programs and projects and prefer to lead the way where it makes sense.


We sit with you to determine the merits of your case. Our approach is always tailored to suit your needs and provide the best, most advantageous results. Our extensive knowledge of unique technologies, vendors and end users provides us with an innovative mindset to deliver turn-key B2B, B2G and B2C solutions.