In 2005 B2G Alliance formed as a specialty consulting firm to deliver strategic communications and specialized business-to-government services as a “Trusted Agent” of the Department of Defense, supporting National Defense, Security and Intelligence initiatives meeting urgent operational requirements. B2G is focused on unique technology gaps meeting the highest priority for areas  such as advanced power, renewable energy, communications, cyber security, unmanned systems, sensors, medical and other systems.  

Over time B2G used its experience to deliver these same high-level services to the private sector and thus began its B2B Solutions practice. With access to unique capabilities and a deep understanding of technology integration and end users our successful B2B Solutions market continues to expand.

Our company prides itself on being at the tip of the spear when it comes to solving difficult business problems.  We are experts at emerging technology evaluation, concepts of operation, technology transition and commercialization strategy.

    • Business Development
    • Communications
    • Cyber (Intelligence, Monitoring and Security)
    • Energy
    • Logistics
    • Medical
    • Security and Intelligence
    • Technolgy Integration